Dean Klinkenberg

Miles and Miles

Dean Klinkenberg, the Mississippi Valley Traveler, is on a mission to explore the rich history, diverse cultures, and varied ecosystems of the Mississippi River Valley, from the Headwaters in northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. He’s driven over 120,000 miles along the Great River Road, hiked to the tops of bluffs, paddled on the Mississippi River in kayaks and canoes, and floated in luxury for a few days as a guest lecturer on the American Queen. He writes fiction and non-fiction.

Frank Dodge Mysteries

Writer Frank Dodge has a knack for getting in trouble as he travels up and down the Mississippi Valley. In Rock Island Lines, his obsession with gangster John Looney nearly costs him his freedom... and his life. Fate deals him an upper cut to the chin in Double-Dealing in Dubuque when a routine magazine assignment turns deadly and Dodge finds himself stuck in the middle of a bitter feud.

Mississippi River Guides

Klinkenberg has written four guide books for different sections of the Mississippi Valley. His latest book, the Headwaters Region Guide, was a Finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Travel and Travel Guides. His third book, the Driftless Area Guide, was featured in the Chicago Tribune's Resourceful Traveler in 2011. He maintains a resource for travelers and fans of the Mississippi River at

How He Got Here

Klinkenberg grew up in the Midwest, developing wanderlust at an early age, thanks in part to a family that took long summer road trips and couldn’t settle in one place for more than a couple of years. After finishing high school in southern Minnesota, he set aside his ambitions to become a professional bowler and went to college in La Crosse, Wisconsin where he discovered the joys of living in a Mississippi River town. He lives in St. Louis, just a short drive from the Mississippi.

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